Zaksenberg Juicer

Iconic design meets effortless juice extraction with the Zaksenberg-Holit manual juicer - the original hand press fruit and citrus juicer created in Israel over 90 years ago.   With its heavy-duty 9.7 kg steel chassis, high-quality nickel components, durable plastic and easy-to-clean epoxy coating, this juicer represents the best of “Made in Israel” design and manufacturing, letting you enjoy natural pomegranate juice or unlimited fresh orange juice – with just the gentle pull of a lever.   The Zaksenberg-Holit Juicer comes with a full 3-year warranty and a wide range of accessories and spare parts.

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The Zaksenberg-Holit Juicer

Pioneering the fresh juice culture

Once every street corner, every kiosk, and every restaurant had a Zaksenberg-Holit juicer. Thanks to it, every passerby was now able to enjoy fresh juices made from the country’s blessed produce: oranges, grapefruits and citrus fruits and pomegranates, whose juice had previously proven too difficult to extract. The success of the Zaksenberg-Holit juicer blossomed, as families in Israel and around the world brought the juicer into their kitchens to enjoy unlimited natural and healthy juice.


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The Zaksenberg-Holit Juicer

Extracting praise for 90 years



When the artist, craftsman and blacksmith, Rabbi Yitzchak Zaksenberg opened his foundry in Jaffa in 1926, manufacturing metal faucets used to irrigate Israel’s many orchards and weapons components for defending the early Jewish Settlement, he could not have imagined that his legacy would live on for generations, thanks to a ground-breaking innovation: The Zaksenberg-Holit Juicer. Word of the "Zaksenberg’s Invention" spread like wild fire among the local population, and not without reason. The powerful and sturdy juicer made the cumbersome and exhausting task of squeezing fruit, something even a child could do. Success was not long in coming.