When you look into the eyes of the Israeli historical culture, there you will find the legacy of Zaksenberg handy juicer.

It’s history combines giving and quality that has accompanied Israeli culture for decades. This is a story about one man’s vision, which was expressed and fulfilled by a living and impressing project, still continues to this day.

This fascinating vision is associated with the inventor of the juicer, Rabbi Isaac Zaksenberg, an iron plow, artist, sculptor, painter and founder. In 1926, Zaksenberg immigrated with his family from Poland and opened with the assistance of the Jewish Agency, a foundry on Salame Street in Jaffa.


Zaksenberg tried in his modest way to produce faucets and parts for water pumps – used for irrigating orchards, as well as constructing metal parts intended to convert imported materials into Hebrew produce.

During the late 20th, some serious riots took place in Jaffa and Tel Aviv. During this period, Zaksenberg’s workshop became part of the defense industry, which under the guise of producing faucets, used for production of weapons and armored vehicles. A few years later, These vehicles would participate the breakthrough to Jerusalem, during the Independence War.

Simultaneously with the manufacture of weapons, Rabbi Yitzhak Zaksenberg invented the first Hebrew citrus juicer. The invention process included the production of many models, and at the end of it, the product was patented.

After he passed away, Zaksenberg’s sons continued his vision, with the same credibility and reputation he cared about, keeping the juicers synonymous with quality and efficiency. Zaksenberg’s citrus juicer has become the first ever handmade citrus juicer, made in Israel.

During 85 years of their manufacture, the juicers have become an inseparable part of the Israeli landscape and culture – including neighborhood kiosks – where the juicer stood on the counter and welcomed the natural juice enthusiasts, and thousands home kitchens in Israel. Children who have grown, tasted and sipped for years the citrus fruit juices produced by Zaksenberg’s factory.

In the year of 2000, Zaksenberg factory was purchased by Kibbutz Hulit, where the juicer is manufactured to this day. The production of the juicer is made on the kibbutz, keeping loyalty to the handmade juicer process. Today, we are working on improving the juicer.

Traditionally, we are committed to the material excellence that began before the establishment of the State of Israel. We will continue to provide uncompromising quality to all our customers, with the exact way Rabbi Zaksenberg did; His guiding principle connects future and past, so his dream will live forever.