Which juicer should you choose: A Hand juicer or an electrical one?

If there’s something wonderful in our small beautiful Israel, it’s the fruits we’re having all year long. In the winter time it’s the great citrus, like oranges and grapefruits whereas in the summer it’s peaches and so forth. So it’s obvious why you, as others, wonder sometime how could you squeeze all of those fruits and turn them into a tasty juice or a cold smoothie that you can enjoy in the summer time. Its sounds familiar and you too are searching for the best juicer there is? If so, there’s no doubt we understand your dilemma, because as you can imagine, nowadays there are many different types of fruit juicers. The main dilemma is making the decision between Hand juicer or electrical juicer, and it’s indeed a complicated question.


All the benefits of hand juicers:

Anyone who consider hand juicersthinks right, for this kind of juicer has quite few advantages. First, they do not make any noise, so you can comfortably make one even when your partner still sleeps in bed and you want to surprise him with fresh juice for breakfast. Second, those juicers does not consume electricity, which certainly has a positive effect in an era when every action we do is going through the electricity bill or at least help the environment. If all of this is not enough, elegancy is another topic to mention, for nowadays there are beautifully designed juicers in every color you want.


How to choose your dream juicer?

Now, after you’ve reached the conclusion that you want to see the different kinds of hand juicers, you must wonder how to choose the best one. If so, we recommend you consider some important factors such as size, design, color and of course the price. There is no reason to buy the cheapest juicer, but on the other hand, it is better not to overdo it and not to spend too much money. Choose the perfect blend of quality, design and simplicity to use and you’ll never stop drinking juices all year long!