The difference between freshly squeezed juice to processed juice

Fruit juice is a well-known essence of health and many consume it on a regular basis: Either as an energy boost that gives the body burst of vitamins which it needs, A tasty way to enjoy nature and more. But what consumers are not always aware of is the huge difference between bottled and ready-to-drink juice, as opposed to one made in real time using a juicer. The health benefits of such juice are immeasurably higher than all products sold as health-friendly drinks but are far from being.

Putting an effort of squeezing fruits at home or buy a pre-made bottle juice?

Using a hand squeezer to squeeze orange, tangerine, or “challenging” fruits like pomegranate, for example, is an action that requires a certain physical strength and requires the most important resource for humans – time. It is much simpler, of course, to go to the nearest supermarket, choose a coldand sage drink from the refrigerator and drink it with pleasure. A person who considers himself to be healthy will probably choose one of the more expensive bottles, such as “squeezed natural juice”.

But what about taste? Anyone who chooses to buy juice from a bottle, compromises on the taste of the drink that enters the mouth. When you do a little more in-depth testing and look at the ingredients of these juices, you can easily understand that even the squeezed juices – but bottled ones – are nowhere close to contain the same unquestionable benefits of fresh juices. The ability of combining several types of fruit into your personal drink enables preparation of tasty shakes, which depends solely on the preference of the consumer, rather than the one on the shelf.

The wonderful advantages of a natural juice

Truly healthy juice is only one that is squeezed from the fruit and consumed, without pasteurization, without food coloringand of course without preservatives. There is no doubt that you have to spend some time in order to produce a glass of freshly squeezed juice, but it’s worth it:

  1. In a glass of squeezed juice using a hand squeezer, you’ll get many of the other parts of the fruit, which contain essential nutrients for the digestive system.
  2. Natural vitamins are a rare commodity, especially Vitamin C, which many of us lack, whose artificial supplement to the coveted juice, will never absorb the same in the human body.
  3. Many soft drinks and fruit juices contain sugar to improve the taste of the juice. When you squeeze the fruits at home by yourself, you get the flavor and health from the fruit, which naturally contains enough sugar and therefore does not need any flavor additives.

And what about saving money? As with any home cooking or baking, even natural juice produced by yourself will be much more economical than prepared juice.

How long can you keep juice freshly squeezed?

In order to enjoy all the great benefits that natural juice can give to the human body, it is important to remember the most important rule of all is – the consumption of juice as close as possible to when it squeezed. As the hours pass from the moment the fruit is cut, the number of vitamins remaining in it decreases.

However, if you do not have enough time during the day and decide to squeeze juice in the evening so that you can take it with you to work in the morning, it’s fine if the drink is stored in the refrigerator. The juice will last and contain all of nature’s goodness  until the next day, and you can drink a truly healthy drink, and start your day with an energy driven directly from nature.