Fresh Squeezed Juices – The path towards healthy lifestyle:

To be honest for a moment- each of us thinks every now and then about ways to making our lives better, live healthily, stop eating junk food and to not be tempted for anotherc ookie offered by our colleague at mid break. Unfortunately, the state in which we say “That’s it, from tomorrow on I start to live healthy and quit junk food” ends the very next day with another burger in our hands.

The solution for this problem is finding the balance between healthy life and pleasure. So how to find the balance and make our life healthier while we keep enjoying? Keep reading the article, we’ll give you some simple tips that will help you to live a fuller life.

As we start keeping a new diet and change our food habits,suddenlywe realize how difficult it is to – not eating sweets, not drinking alcohol, stop eating carbs and so on. Temptations lies everywhere and just when we decide that this is the right time to switch into a healthy lifestyle and start to eat better, we then notice the huge amount of temptations around us – the new guy at work wants to smoke a cigarette and drink beer with you after the shift ends, your friends who wants to meet at a restaurant for a juicy hamburger, a friends birthday with tons of junk food and a cake you just cannot refuse to taste.

The best way to handle with thosetemptations is to start drinking fresh squeezed juices.

“How does squeezed juices can help me decline a Shawarma?” you ask. This is an excellent question and its answer will surprise you. Apparently, most of us fall into temptations because we are feeling hungry. Our body get stressed and feel endangered due to the starvation and therefore sends signals to our brain to find food as quickly as possible. Our choice then is the most unhealthy food we can findsince its fat and that’s how our body knows it will receive its fast calorie dosage within few minutes.

In order to not fall into temptations, you should never get to the point when you are hungry and do it without eating junk food. Squeezed juices is a wonderful way to do so, whenever you feel starved, you can easily drink fresh juice without being afraid you’ll fall into it once its offered.


Fresh Juice – Available, Healthy, Fresh

As you already guessed, we support a fresh juice solution not only because they are healthy, but for their availability and easy making. You can easily make a fresh juice at home within minutes. All that you need is to buy Juicer.

If you don’t have the opportunity to make the juice now, we recommend preparing before hand, at the morning time, the right amount for the rest of the day and keep the beverage in a bottle inside the fridge or take it with you to work/studies.


Not enough? There are several more reasons to do so

Delays aging signsif you want to keep a young look as long time as possible, fresh juices can help. Its scientifically proven that people who tend to drink fresh squeezed juice at least 3 times a week stayed younger for a longer period of time.

Improving your immune system –  there’s no better source of vitamins than fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, we are limited by the amount of fruits and vegetables we can eat a day, but in a fresh juice there are enough vitamins that could help us keep our health and strengthen our immune system, recommended at all seasons.

In conclusion, we can see that something minor as a cup of juice once a day can make a major different in your life. So the next time you want to have something good, take theJuicer – and have a quality indulgence without guilt. You are welcome to start living a healthy lifestyle and review our juicers catalog.